Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Mountaineers, Mercenaries, and Madmen

To create a mountaineer fit for their first expedition, do the following:

1. Roll 2d6+3 for each Ability Score.
Athletics: Strength, speed, flexibility, and precision
Fortitude: Health, size, resistance to bodily harm
Willpower: Personality, determination, and resistance to psychological harm

2. Roll 1d6 for Hit Points.

3. Choose a Background.
Explorer: Advantage to all climb saves
Guide: Advantage to all weather saves
Porter: +4 equipment slots
Scholar: Ability to memorize spells
Financier: Produce 1d6x100 silver over a long rest; multiply starting silver by 10

4. Record your Starting Package; determined by your Background and Hit Points.
1hp: Hatchet (d6) Flare gun (d6) Fine climbing boots, Sense nearby unearhtly beings
2hp: Sabre (d6) Musket (d8), Grappling hook, Climbing kit
3hp: Club (d6) Pistol (d6) Tent, Treated leather gloves
4hp: Sword & dagger (d8) Flashbang, Crowbar, 20' rope
5hp: Whip (d6) Lockpicks, Writing set
6hp: Pistol (d6) Shovel, Debt (3g)

1hp: Knife (d6) Longbow (d8) Hawk, Never surprised
2hp: Hatchet (d6) Rifle (d8) Compass, Hunting dog
3hp: Rifle (d8) Animal trap, Poison, Oiled leather coat
4hp: Knife (d6) Tent, Spyglass, Gin
5hp: Bow (d6) Antitoxin, Cook kit, Fiddle
6hp: Walking stick (d6) Lantern, Disfigured

1hp: Rifle (d8) Knife (d6), Yurt, Mountain dog with telepathic link
2hp: Pistol brace (d8) Club (d6) Crowbar, Llama
3hp: Musket (d8) 10-foot pole, Lantern, Herding dog
4hp: Longaxe (d8) Tent, Manacles, Accordion
5hp: Pistol (d6) Hacksaw, Cook kit, Fine climbing boots
6hp: Club (d6) Canary, Mute

1hp: Cane (d6) 3 bombs, Treated leather gloves, Telepathy if target fails a Willpower save
2hp: Pistol brace (d8) Acid, Magnifying glass, Pocket-watch
3hp: Throwing knives (d6) Fire oil, Thermometer, Compass
4hp: Pistol (d6) Marbles, Ferret, Rum
5hp: Cane (d6) Flute, Mirror, Writing set
6hp: Rifle (d8) Smoke-bomb, fugitive

1hp: Dueling Pistol (d8) Knife (d6) Ancestral breastplate (Armour 1), Cryptic yet prophetic dreams
2hp: Rapier (d8) Pistol (d6) Oiled leather coat, Lighter boy
3hp: Pistol (d6) Garrote (d6) Mirror, Poison
4hp: Sabre (d6) Marbles, Steel wire, Spyglass
5hp: Cane (d6) Pocket-watch, Perfume, Ether
6hp: Elegant Knife (d6) Cigars, Illiterate

Most Mountaineers can carry 8 pieces of Equipment. Porters can carry 12.

New Mountaineers also start with a Wool sweater, Undershirt, Wool socks, Garters, Linen trousers, Winter boots, Leather gloves, a Mess kit, and 3d6 silver; all of which is considered unencumbering.

5. Record your Climbing and Weather saves (see Equipment for any bonuses).

The road ahead is fraught with peril. With ice-pick, grapple, sword, and spell, you've assembled a humble crew in an attempt to ascend that wretched mountain. You are now ready to go on your first Expedition.

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